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Apple first previewed iOS 17, along with macOS Sonoma and watchOS 10, during WWDC23. Since then, the company has been seeding beta OS builds to those enrolled in its developer program. Last week, we got our hands on the third betas of these systems, and now Apple has issued revised versions of them.

If you're part of the developer program, then iOS 17 beta 3 will reappear as an available update, even if you already installed it last week. Similarly, you will see beta 3 builds available on your compatible Macs and iPads. Typically, revised beta versions don't include any major users-facing features. Instead, they apply some under-the-hood tweaks that tend to stabilize the experience. They also hint at the imminent launch of the public beta program.

If Apple sticks to its annual schedule, we could see the first public betas of its operating systems as soon as later today. So those who aren't willing to run developer betas may soon get the chance to try iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS Sonoma, and watchOS 10. Though, do keep in mind that these betas aren't meant to be installed on your daily driver. So while the performance has become relatively stable on these operating systems, minor bugs and glitches are still to be expected. And future betas could also introduce major issues that could potentially paralyze your workflow.

Furthermore, iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma don't pack plenty of exciting changes. While we do get some welcome upgrades across Apple's communication apps, many of them require the other parties to be running the latest OS, as well. So if none of your iFriends have installed the betas on their devices, you may find these software updates lackluster. Ultimately, we're around two months away from the public, stable release of Apple's operating systems. So, waiting a couple of months for a more reliable experience may be worth it.