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Gryphon AX Wi-Fi 6 tri-band mesh router with parental controls
Source: Gryphon
Gryphon AX
$199 $239 Save $40

Save $40 off the Gryphon AX, a mesh Wi-Fi 6 router with advanced parental control to keep your connected home and family safe while on the internet.

One of the best PC accessories for any household is the router that supplies Wi-Fi to other devices in the home, while serving as connection and protection from the external internet. One of our favorite Wi-Fi routers is on sale for Prime Day, the Gryphon AX, which is $40 off with this time-limited deal. This router doesn't promise to be the fastest or the best range, instead, it promises one thing -- safety, with a focus on parental controls and internet safety tools.

The tri-band AX4300 connection will handle gigabit connections, even if used in a mesh configuration with multiple Gryphon AX units. It'll handle all the devices the family might own as well, with enough speed for 4K streaming, video conferencing, and downloading large files like games. The parental controls can allow or block individual websites, or filter types of content based on the age levels of your family. The app tracks browsing history, too, in case you think some content slipped through the cracks.

If you need more coverage, Gryphon has other devices on sale

Gryphon also has multi-packs of the Gryphon AX on sale for Prime Day, with a two-pack at $360, which is 25% off the usual price. That's enough to cover 3,000 square feet per router, more than enough for most single-family homes. If you don't need that much coverage, the Gryphon Tower is also discounted by up to 55% in singles or two-packs, with each unit having WiFi 5 (AC) with tri-band radios. There's also the Guardian mesh router, which is dual-band, has 1.2Gbps total throughput, and 1,800 square feet of coverage per unit, and is 39% off for Prime Day for the single pack.

All the Gryphon devices have deep parental controls, from limiting the hours devices are able to access the internet to content, websites, and other important safeguards for the modern web. That includes malware and ransomware protection and phishing detection so your household is less likely to fall victim to a scam. All of these deals are time-limited, and Prime Day is only on for one more full day until the end of Wednesday,, July 12, so protect your house from trouble today.

  • gryphon tower mesh wifi router
    Source: Gryphon
    Gryphon Tower
    $90 $199 Save $109

    Save up to 55% off the Gryphon Tower, a Wi-Fi AC mesh router with advanced security features, deep parental controls, and tri-band radios.

  • gryphon guardian mesh router
    Source: Gryphon
    Gryphon Guardian
    $48 $79 Save $31

    This mesh router with strong parental controls and internet security features is up to 40% off for Prime Day, with user-friendly setup and strong Wi-Fi signal from a dual-band radio.