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omoton vertical laptop stand
OMOTON Vertical Laptop Stand
$26 $36 Save $10

This value-priced laptop stand just got even more affordable this Prime Day. This is the ideal accessory for bringing order and space to back to your desk, especially if you often grab your laptop on the way out the door.

In spite of their name, laptops spend far more time on our desks than they do on our laps. That’s why this humble yet practical laptop stand from Omoton deserves a special shout-out this Amazon Prime Day.

Thanks to a 24% discount off MSRP, you can bring order to your workspace while saving a couple of bucks in the process.

Why I love the Omoton Vertical Laptop Stand

The Omoton Vertical Laptop Stand makes for a great complementary purchase if you just got a sweet Prime Day laptop deal. This adjustable, dock-style stand provides you a place to store up to two laptops vertically, making them easy to grab on the go and saving space on your desk. It's made from durable, space-grade aluminum, and it has high-quality rubber padding on the inside to keep from scratching your devices.

Each of the Omoton Vertical Laptop Stand’s device slots can be adjusted between 14mm and 42mm, so it is big enough even for massive laptops like the new Alienware M18. In fact, it could fit two of them. But this stand could just as easily be used for a MacBook Air and your phone. That’s the beauty of an adjustable design.

Its current discount is the lowest price we've ever seen, and it's only slated to last throughout just the first Prime Day, so act fast if you want one for yourself.

While the Omoton Vertical Laptop Stand is primarily for storage, there are plenty of ergonomic stands on sale this Prime Day too. If you want to see a larger selection yet, you can browse Omoton’s Prime Day deal page or check our Prime Day hub for PC accessories.