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TCL NXTWEAR S hands-on: The 130-inch screen you can take anywhere

TCL has made eyewear that can broadcast immersive visuals right in front of your face, but is it worth the cost?


Although TCL makes a wide variety of products, including smartphones, these days, the company is still best known for its TVs, and TCL's newest product is essentially a wearable TV that offers a portable screen. Named the NXTWEAR S, this set of eyewear is an iterative update to the NXTWEAR Air that was shown off at CES earlier this year.

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Apple Watch Ultra review: The best Apple Watch ever, but most won't need it

The Apple Watch Ultra is aimed at athletes and adventurers, but there's still a lot here for casual users.


Apple's new Watch Ultra is a maximal wearable with new features designed to make life easier for mountaineers, deep sea divers, endurance sports athletes, and people who don't spend their days in front of a laptop screen in general. I am none of these things, but even as a merely semi-active urbanite, I can see the appeal of the Apple Watch Ultra -- it's got a bigger, brighter screen that's easier to read even from a distance or under the most intense sunlight; it's built like a tank, so I don't stress when I accidentally clang my wrist against table edges and car doors; and battery life is much, much better -- enough that I can take it on a weekend trip without needing to bring a charger.

Google Pixel Watch 1
Google Pixel Watch review: An overpriced beauty that's half Wear OS, half Fitbit

The Google Pixel Watch looks good, feels good, but costs a lot for what you get. It's half Fitbit, half Wear OS, but not great at either.


Google has been long rumored to be working on a Pixel Watch -- for years, in fact. It took a long time for it to eventually come to fruition, and with it comes a lot of Google's trademark software smarts. While the watch itself has been shrouded in controversy thanks to perceived large bezels, a high price tag, and a poor battery life, I've found that Google has still nailed the fundamentals of a decent smartwatch. It's very much a "first-gen" product, but that was to be expected.

Nreal Air Review: Virtual Mac desktop is enticing, but it's best used as a wearable large screen

The nReal Air are AR glasses that work with Android, Nintendo Switch, and in recent addition -- even iPhones and Macs. Read our review!


I still remember meeting Xu Chi, the founder of augmented reality glasses maker Nreal, three years ago. We were meeting at a Hong Kong co-working space, just a few hours before he was set to fly to Las Vegas, where was going to introduce his company's first augmented reality (AR) glasses at CES 2019.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro review: Not 'Pro' enough, but still the second best Android smartwatch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro misuses the term "pro", but it offers one of the best experiences you can get on a Wear OS smartwatch.


One of the things we snarky tech reviewers often joke about is that smartphones have overused the "Pro" naming scheme to the point the word has lost its meaning. When every smartphone is a Pro, and the differentiating factors between Pro Android phones and the non-Pro variant is a curved screen and maybe a zoom lens, maybe it's time companies come up with another moniker.

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Huawei Eyewear Hands-On: Audio glasses that pump out surprisingly good sound

Huawei has a pair of audio glasses that are lightweight and pump out good audio -- but Huawei isn't sure when or where to release it.


Huawei launched a series of flashy products at the IFA trade show in Berlin over the weekend, including a new upper mid-range phone with a whopping 60MP selfie camera, a new flagship laptop running Intel's 12th generation Intel processor, and the Huawei Watch Fit D that can measure blood pressure via a miniature pump inside the band. However, one product that didn't get any stage or show booth time was the Huawei Eyewear. These are a pair of "smart glasses" with an open acoustic system and microphone built into the arms so the wearer can listen to audio or take phone calls while wearing the glasses, without needing to access their smartphone.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review: The Wear OS smartwatch we've been waiting for

Galaxy Watch 5 brings the best of a partnership between Samsung and Google over a whole year; here's why this is the watch we've been wanting


While there are a lot of choices when it comes to good smartphones, the choices are far slimmer when it comes to wearables, and even slimmer when you consider compatibility with your smartphone of choice.

Amazfit T-Rex 2 smartwatch 1
Amazfit T-Rex 2 Review: Heavy-duty fitness tracking

The Amazfit T-Rex 2 packs a lot of great features and it also promises to offer a long battery life. Is it worth buying? Let's find out.


Amazfit has been able to leave the competition behind with its relatively affordable smartwatches and the promise of great battery life. The company's T-Rex 2 smartwatch-- which I've been using for the better part of the last few weeks -- costs less than $200 and it has lasted me well over two weeks on a single charge. It falls short of the company claims about its battery life, but I'd say it's still quite commendable given my usage was also on the heavier side.

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Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Review: This $60 fitness tracker continues to uphold Xiaomi's value proposition

The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is the newest fitness wearable from Xiaomi, and it punches way above its price class. Read our review to know more!


Xiaomi's line of fitness trackers has gone through several minor name changes over the years, from Mi Smart Band to Mi Band, to now, Smart Band, but the appeal remains the same -- it's a very affordable fitness tracker that can provide accurate fitness and health tracking, with data immediately viewable on a screen that, in recent years, has gotten larger and more vibrant. We now have the Xiaomi Smart Band 7, or as the common folk will call it "the Mi Band 7", and it promises to do more of the same.

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Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro Review: The most luxurious smartwatch hardware, but software is still limited

Huawei's Watch GT 3 Pro is a beautiful, premium smartwatch with improving software. But it's not all the way there yet. Read our review!


I have been reviewing Huawei consumer products for half a decade and there's a clear leitmotif that runs through all my reviews: impeccable hardware that is usually the best looking and well-built in its product category, but the software experience doesn't quite keep up if compared to top rivals. And even though Huawei's new smartwatch series, the Watch GT 3 Pro, makes strides towards improving the software end, it's still not all the way there. Whether it's the titanium or ceramic model, the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro looks absolutely gorgeous and makes Samsung's Galaxy Watch 4 feel cheap by comparison. But there are just things the Galaxy Watch 4 or the Apple Watch 7 can do that Huawei's smartwatches still cannot, like the ability to access an English voice assistant or respond to notifications in a dynamic manner.